Jane Gallatin Powers – a California Modernist

Jane Gallatin Powers - a California Moderist, Erin Lee Gafill

By Erin Lee Gafill
Publisher – 26 Letter Press
Release Date – April, 2024
Hardcover – 184 full-color pages
Dimensions – 9 1/2″ x 11″
ISBN # 978-1-950731-05-3
Price – $75
Subject – California Artist | Art History | Women Artists | Impressionist Artist | Modernist Artist

Jane Gallatin Powers - a California Moderist

While the Bohemians were writing poetry and making Carmel famous, a group of painters, mostly women, were doing the work of building a sustainable arts community that would become
Jane Gallatin Powers was the “spiritual rock” of the nascent art colony. Her story and artwork has never been published…until now.

What Readers are saying:

Erin, I just love your Book. It’s so beautiful and you just did such a beautiful job in every way.”
Heidi mcgurrin

I Started your book yesterday! What an extraordinary life Jane had, and for you to compile all this information about your Great Great Grandmothers’s life…. Mind blowing
I need to go back and re-read several parts that I just loved. Seth meeting her in Italy, all the aspects of your family and Grandmother, Lolly. This book is a treasure!
Don’t even get me started on her paintings!!! I am in awe of her talent. I love them.
You did such an amazing job, Erin! ♥️😘