Jane Gallatin Powers – a California Modernist

Jane Gallatin Powers - a California Moderist, Erin Lee Gafill

By Erin Lee Gafill
Publisher – 26 Letter Press
Release Date – April, 2024
Hardcover – 184 full-color pages
Dimensions – 9 1/2″ x 11″
ISBN # 978-1-950731-05-3
Price – $75
Subject – California Artist | Art History | Women Artists | Impressionist Artist | Modernist Artist

Jane Gallatin Powers - a California Moderist

While the Bohemians were writing poetry and making Carmel famous, a group of painters, mostly women, were doing the work of building a sustainable arts community that would become
Jane Gallatin Powers was the “spiritual rock” of the nascent art colony. Her story and artwork has never been published…until now.