Still Life with Orange Vase II


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Still Life with Orange Vase II (SOLD)

Original Painting by Erin Lee Gafill
12″ x 16″ – Oil on Canvas

Painted in Erin’s new studio in Hamden, Connecticut, May, 2024

Last week, my friend Jeri Jensen bought this painting from me – which both surprised and delighted me.  I’ve known Jeri a long time – we’ve painted together off and on for years,  starting (if I recall correctly) at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, then on occasional and too-infrequent paint-out dates, and then via Zoom in classes I was teaching.  Jeri has a collection of paintings and prints from me from over the years – last time I visited it was like a family reunion at Jeri’s house as I went from wall to wall to greet so many of my old friends.

What did Jeri love about this painting, love it enough to want to make it her own?  Part of it was the colors, Jeri said.  Part of it was watching me arrive at it after teaching my Winslow Art workshop, The Sensational Still Life (online.). “It IS Sensational,” Jeri wrote.  Thank you Jeri! I think when the artist is really engaged with the work – hitting all cylinders, engaging all the senses including memory and emotion – the painting carries the energy.  When you buy my work, regardless of the size, be it small or large, you’re getting something I’ve poured my whole being into. So there’s that.  Very grateful that this miracle of energy exchange happens – it is a great mystery!



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