Looking South, Nepenthe – Fine Art Print


Looking South, Nepenthe – Fine Art Print

available in 4 sizes on Watercolor Paper

24″ x 30″ (image size approximately 18″ x 26″)
20″ x 24″ (image size approximately 14″ x 20″)
16″ x 20″ (image size approximately 11″ x 16″)
11″ x 14″ (image size approximately 7″ x 10″)

Looking South, Nepenthe –  Erin painted this beautiful and colorful plein air landscape during her spring 2024 visit to her Big Sur home when Highway One was closed to the north and south. This was a time of serene weather and rare tranquility on the deck at Nepenthe Restaurant.

The original painting is 40″ x 60″ – Oil on Canvas, and is available through her studio.

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