Still Life with Indian Cloth


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Still Life with Indian Cloth

Original Painting by Erin Lee Gafill
16″ x 20″ – Oil on Canvas

When Kaffe and I were painting together, we started side by side.
But as the days went by, I often found myself moving a bit further away, combining my own elements, working alone.
By the end, I was in a different room entirely, my mother’s kitchen in this case, creating backdrops out of fabrics I’d brought from home, and working with the leftover objects Kaffe had set aside.
This particular arrangement was a deep dive into close toned colors – reveling in the richness of turmeric nestled with pink and the soft movement of light across flowing forms. A chance also to explore the intricacy of pattern in color, and the sheer beauty of combining objects for their visual pleasure.
Color Duets (my book about our years of painting together) offers all the paintings and also the stories of the process we found ourselves creating in order to paint them – often side by side, and sometimes apart, but always together on some level.
It is crystal clear to me that THIS painting pays homage to everything I learned sitting at Kaffe’s side painting over the many years we did.

These paintings were created during a twelve-year collaboration between me and my uncle, Kaffe Fassett. Most of them were included in the museum exhibition – Color Duets – Kaffe Fassett | Erin Lee Gafill at the Monterey Museum of Art during the summer of 2021. They are also featured in the our book, Color Duets, available through this website.

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