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Tell Me More! A free writer’s resource

Ten minutes.

Every day.

For 30 days.

We write and post and share feedback and develop the habit. The writing habit.

It’s not rocket science. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Carving out a piece of your day – even ten minutes – for your writing life can seem almost impossible sometimes.

Its hard to find the time when you’re running a business, or raising young children, or traveling for work.

It’s even hard when you have plenty of time on your hands but feel you just can’t start or don’t know where to start.

And yet we know that without the daily practice, we go nowhere.

We tell ourselves that there’s not much we can do in ten minutes a day.

That it won’t matter.

Sometimes we give it a try and quickly dismiss our efforts as worthless. Sometimes we begin and start well, then founder, and hesitate to start again because we fear we’ll fail again. And feel even worse about ourselves.

At the root of all our hesitation, procrastination, and perfectionism is fear.

Tell Me More! is a space in which you will find writers writing fearlessly, encouraging one another, and growing in skill, commitment, and voice.

It isn’t a critique group.

It isn’t an advice group.

It’s a writing group. To encourage writers to write.

It isn’t a class, there are no fees.

I believe that in the writing and reading and writing and reading – daily, for 30 days – in that repetition and commitment and sharing – we begin to find our voice. We begin to grow our writing muscles. We begin to know what it is we need to write about. We begin to know who we are.

This isn’t about getting published, but some of our writers have written and published articles, poems, essays and books from this practice.

Others have developed profound friendships.

Others still find the group a safe place apart from daily life where for once they can be truly themselves.

There are few rules. We don’t critique, we maintain confidentiality, and we refrain from giving advice unless it’s asked for.

A new session begins November 1.

Want to join us?

Just let me know!

[email protected]